Machinery of Orbital Weld

Always we have believed that a company in which beside installing the maintenance of facilities is realized needs of variety in machinery and with a great quality to assure the correct putting in march and functioning of the facilities of the clients, our clients.

Our extensive experience in the sector has taught us that to curtail in these expenses is counter-productive long-term.

In Ceisa Industrial we bet for machinery and tools of the first signatures in fundamental tasks and optimize resources for the least important thing.

During the year 2015 our principal bet is the acquisition of 3 Machines of Orbital Weld with which we will obtain a high quality in our works.

There is known as ” ORBITAL WELD ” the process of welding circular a cylindrical piece fixed or noticed on a support (conduits, pipelines, etc.). For this intention, the torch moves on a guide and crosses the piece of a circular way. This one is the reason for which the process gets his name, since the word “Orbit” comes from the Latin and refers to the movement of the moon about the land. With this technology reproducible results are waited and of high quality, for this reason normally there is used the method of weld TIG (WIG).

With these 3 machines in Ceisa Industrial already we will have a total of 5 obtaining this way high quality in the cord, high safety of the method, totally reproducible results, profitability thanks to the automated method, short times of production, possibility of work in spaces of difficult access that probably would be impossible for a manual soldadora, to minimize the pollution due to the conditions of the environment, to minimize the appearance of oxide, to have the documentation of the process.

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